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Marketing Automation

and Web Development


With our experience and unique systematized approach to marketing (by implementing standard operating procedures), we aim to establish a sustained growth of your company and generate more revenue over time.

Platforms and Technologies We Use

What We Do
Marketing Automation

This will allow us to prioritize your activities, make development more agile, acquire and retain new clients and fulfill objectives in less time.

Workflow Development

After defining the particular set of traits of your ideal clients, we proceed to develop highly efficient workflows that will nurture and walk your leads through every step of the sales process, until they’re ready to make their first payment.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Be in touch with current and potential customers. We leverage our 10+ years of experience in inbound marketing to design templates that promote engagement and persuade potential customers into making a purchase.

Websites & Landing Pages

We can also implement external platforms like Marketo, to enhance and further optimize your sites and services.

we have a team of developers that can adapt to different CMS

Our team is permanently improving processes and learning new skills in order to remain up to date with innovation and technology

Done the Right Way

With our experience and unique systematized approach to marketing (by implementing standard operating procedures), we aim to establish a sustained growth of your company and generate more revenue over time.

Meet The Workflow

Static Planning Vs. Weekly Planning

Static planning causes frictions with the client and doesn’t address risks and uncertainties

Weekly planning generates multiple quantifiable achievements in the medium term

Flexibility that brings Results

We adapt our knowledge and processes to any marketing automation platform based on our expertise in hubspot and usage of other tools.

Santiago Gomez
Operations Manager

I`m a marketing automation specialist with experience in e-commerce and e-learning websites, SaaS platforms, Tech Start-Ups and Digital Agencies based in the US, UK, and Latam. My main skills are Workflows design, Emails campaigns, Landing Pages and web-personalization, I can also help you create reports and run the multivariable test in order to optimize your sales funnel for conversions.

I have experience in platforms like Hubspot, Eloqua, Clickfunnels, Infusionsoft, active campaign, convert kit, Wordpress, and MailChimp among others and I can easily adapt my knowledge to any marketing automation tool. Right now I'm learning Marketo, Watson IBM (Marketing Automation), and Pardot (Salesforce)

In order to increase the conversion rate and engagement from your customers, I can redesign and optimize your website, making it the pillar of your Brand. After that, since I have experience automating the lead nurturing process with different kind of platforms we can segment and customize the interactions with your leads in order to make them move down the funnel. Finally, I can integrate the marketing strategy with your sales team and CRM in order to get real results. 

Meet The Team
José López
Marketing Automation Project Manager

Designer of marketing solutions for Agencies, using marketing automation web tools, workflows, personalized emails, CRM functionalities and integrations between services, taking web tool advantages into action, saving a lot of time in daily tasks, making possible to achieve precise customer requirements.

With knowledge in the following platforms and languages: Wordpress, Php. Software skills: JavaScript, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, C, PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS, Git, Typeform, Microchip MPLab (PIC/dsPIC), MatLab,  Proteus, EAGLE CAD, CCS-C. Experience (Ubuntu), Python, Node.JS.

Boris Hernández
Anderson Garcia
Luis Jaimes
Oswaldo Leal

Our Engineer Team had proven experience and knowledge in the following platforms and languages:


Hubspot, Wordpress, HTML/CSS and PHP, C, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Java, jQuery, Ubuntu, Linux and Debian management, and other server technologies such as Docker, VMware, and XenServer.

Alexis Ramirez

Quality Assurance

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Santy Gomez

(+57) 304 5809737

Skype:  sgomezc1